Water for life and health

Folk wisdom insists that we are what we eat.

But what we eat won’t help us if we’re not equally conscious of what we drink. No other element in all creation matches the agency of water in the development and sustenance of life and health.

Plant life. Animal life. Human life. Without water they wouldn’t exist.

Probes travel through space looking for evidence of life. Among the vastness of the stars science is hoping to find, more than anything else, some chemical or mineral trace of water. Water means life.

The facts are indisputable. The human body is built on water — from 75% in small children to 50% in the elderly — and for all of our conscious lives we are and remain mostly water.

Would it surprise you to learn that the minerals — sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium — essential to our physical stamina and mental health are also a natural component of the world’s best mineral waters?

The role played by waters like Borjomi, Mirgorodska, Migorodska Lahidna, Edelweiss in helping promote good health cannot be overstated. Critical to the digestion of the food we eat, cell renewal, flexibility, mental alertness, vascular health, the regulation of body temperature and the elimination of waste — in fact, every bodily function integral to good health — nothing compares to water.

For daily use, waters with a lower degree of mineralization like Georgia’s mountain-born Bakuriani, Ukraine’s Carpathian-sourced Morshynska and Alaska, and those of the Svyatoy Istochnik (Saint Spring) in Russia are perfect for all your cooking needs. Rising from ecologically pristine springs, these waters pass through several stages of gentle, organic filtration and are bottled on site to preserve their natural structure and mineral composition.

The folk wisdom is certainly true: It is important to eat right. But to drink right — cool, clear, naturally sourced water — that’s the key to life itself.