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It’s time to #BORJOMITY with the updated New Year’s design!

Borjomi is launching a new festive design to inspire Ukrainians to enjoy the moment and plunge into the New Year holidays.

For the holidays, TM Borjomi will be “dressed” in a stylish and charming abstraction, reminiscent of a woman’s silhouette. The design is based on global trends and is more than just packaging. This is a kind of New Year’s attribute that looks like a work of art. You will find new and new bright and unique details with each subsequent minute of contemplation.

“Borjomi, which has long become an integral attribute of the holiday, is for the third time traditionally dresses up its usual packaging in a holiday outfit, in bright and festive colors and noticeable stylish design to inspire its fans to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of holidays, unrestrained fun and spend your winter weekend memorably and eventful, because the holiday is to #Borjomity,” says Oksana Pankina, Marketing and Corporate PR Manager IDS Borjomi International.

In support of the limited design, the Borjomi brand is also launching a New Year advertising campaign to get caught up in the holiday atmosphere.

The main message of this year’s New Year campaign is “a holiday to #borgomity” — this term reflects the essence of the brand and means “to have fun, to get a charge of great mood and to party hard, enjoying every minute.”

So, grab your friends, acquaintances, family and go to #borjomity!