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Morshynska social and environmental program “Together for Nature” calls for sorting plastic together with “Green Bag”!

Since July 2020, the brand of natural mineral water, within the Together for Nature program, is launching the social and environmental program Green Bag, a service for the collection and recycling of PET1-labeled plastic beverage bottles. The project is starting in Kyiv and Odessa, but the favorite Ukrainian brand Morshynska plans to scale the program to the whole Ukraine!

“At the beginning of the year, we updated the design of Morshynska. The new bottle is not only more stylish and comfortable, but also contains 15% less plastic. The next step for us was the launch of the Green Bag project, which aims to help our consumers easily and effortlessly sort and recycle plastic bottles. All you need is a desire to take care of the environment and a willingness to sort,” said Anatoliy Hordyeyev, Marketing Director of IDS Borjomi Ukraine.

How to order a “Green Bag”? Along with the purchase of water on the website it is important to add to the order Green Bag — a special grid for sorting plastic bottles. During the next delivery of water, the forwarder picks up the “bag” and issues a new one for replacement, provided that it is at least ⅔ full. One grid holds about 40-60 compressed 1.5 liter bottles.

It’s easy to prepare a bottle! Pour out the liquid, squeeze the bottle without removing the label, put on the cap and put it in the “Green Bag”.

On the website you can get more detailed information about the project, learn about the types of plastic and get acquainted with the interactive map of plastic acceptance.

Let’s Sort Together!