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Borjomi bold format: a small can with a strong character

Borjomi presents a new can format — 150 ml. It will appear in Ukraine for the first time, so we can freely talk about the trends of the «on the go» culture — that is, about consumption while doing something.

A small can, but no less character in it! It does not take up much space, it cools quickly, it attracts with its stylish design and convenient volume. It doesn’t matter what your plans are — one hell of a party or a morning run. Borjomi 150 ml is your mineral pit stop in your daily journey.

“According to research data, the small format is no less popular compared to the classic one — 330 ml — among the young progressive audience. Active people who travel a lot, look for new experiences, value comfort and time, lovers of something new, consumers who love the brand but are ready to experiment. The new Borjomi format is just for them. A new small can is a great opportunity to easily get to know the brand, take the first little sip and join a large family of lovers of water with character,” says Natalia Revika, Marketing Director of IDS Borjomi Ukraine.

The product has been available on store shelves in the country since March this year.

Become a trend maker with Borjomi!

Well, are you ready to show character?