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Morshynska plus Pine Water – a synergy of naturalness and innovation

Morshynska pleasantly surprised consumers by launching a new category of water: Morshynska plus Pine Water, the first “pumped-through” water with an extract of pine needles! We all know that to maintain hydrobalance, it is important to drink enough natural water. However, sometimes we want to try something new.

Morshynska again went beyond usual stereotypes and changed the perception of water drinking, turning regular water into a pumped-through variety! Morshynska plus Pine Water is not just a new category of water. It is a new philosophy of hydration. Healthy lifestyle and consumption is a global trend. It is truly important for all of us what we drink. The world wants naturalness and quality. Thanks to Morshynska plus Pine Water, consumers can maintain hydrobalance using natural mineral water enhanced by a powerful natural antioxidant: natural extract of pine needles. In addition, this product does not contain artificial colorants, preservatives and flavors.

“The interest in healthy products is growing across the world. Today, consumers prefer products containing natural ingredients, vitamins, proteins and the like. To satisfy all tastes of Ukrainians, Morshynska has released Morshynska plus Pine water – a water with natural antioxidants and natural fruit and berry juices that helps maintain hydrobalance, tones you up and refreshes,” Natalia Revika, IDS Borjomi Ukraine Marketing Director says. The new Morshynska plus Pine Water in a convenient 0.33-liter aluminum can comes in three different flavors: mint, lemon-magnolia vine and bilberry-blackberry. Look for it on store shelves already this spring, and choose your favorite flavor!