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‘Morshynska’ claims about long-term collaboration with Walt Disney Studios

The beginning of 2017 started with the great news for the Ukrainian mineral waters market.
IDS company, the leader of Ukrainian bottled waters market, presented its extraordinary new product – limited edition of ‘Morshynska’ toy-bottles with the images of the Walt Disney Studios heroes. Now drinking the natural mineral water is not only useful but also fun. The youngest consumers will not ignore their favourite fantastic heroes and fairy friends, they will enjoy the natural water, play and gather their own ‘Morshynska’ collections.

The first ‘Morshynska’ 0.33 liter bottles have the faces of the favourite heroes of the well-known animation ‘Frozen’ and epic saga ‘Star Wars’. ‘Frozen’ collection consists of the main characters of the cartoon: Elsa and Anna, their brave friend Kristoff and funny snowman Olaf. ‘Star Wars’ collection is represented by Dart Wader, Stormtrooper, Chewbacca and C-3PO.

The collaboration with the Walt Disney Studios is a long-term so during the year the new heroes of Disney fairytales will appear on the shelves. That’s why every child will be able to gather its own collection of favourite characters to play, share with friends and, as the main goal – to drink natural water during the year.

Marko Tkachuk, IDS CEO says:

‘Morshynska’ is a brand-leader of ukrainian market. First, it has a goal to develop the bottled water category and to promote the culture of healthy drinking of Ukrainians. ‘Drink and play!’ – it’s the call forming the basis of ‘Morshynska’ new concept: to raise from early childhood the healthy habits to drink natural water throw fascinating game. Observance of the drinking regime is very important for the health of the children because the high-quality water influences their growth, helps their organisms to function properly. That’s why ‘Morshynska’ toy-bottles is the best way to raise useful habits in children. After all, the drinking of water becomes interesting and intriguing game at home, at school, at gym as well.