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Morshinska unveils Lilia Poustovit limited edition bottles

Celebrated Ukrainian designer Lilia Poustovit has joined forces with TM Morshinska natural mineral water, bringing together the worlds of good health and high fashion. The result is a limited set of glass Morshinska bottles bearing original designs by Ms. Poustovit.

“When you work in an area that has an effect on the lives of people, an effect on their tastes, habits, appearance and preferences, at some point you realize that you can do something more. No doubt, that’s what led to this effort. For all of us this is an opportunity to contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle,” said Ms. Poustovit at the presentation of the new bottle line.

The new limited edition Morshinska bottles will come in two designs featuring well-known prints from Poustovit’s work – abstract natural designs.

Natalia Revika, marketing director at IDS Borjomi Ukraine says: “Cooperative efforts between major brands and the fashion industry is a global trend. Our match with Lilia Poustovit is an organic one; we share common values – the connection with nature and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. The way we look at it, by combining our strengths we can accomplish even more.”

The limited Spring Collection series of Poustovit Morshinska 0.75 liter glass bottles will arrive on store shelves at the end of February 2018, and will be available in both sparkling and still.