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Morshynska Bottle Restyling

Morshynska is changing in 2020. The new bottle will not just be more ergonomic and stylish, but is to contain 15% less plastic.

“We have restyled Morshynska on the outside, but inside it is still filled with the favourite natural water from Morshyn aquifer, for natural renewal of your body. Modern design of the bottle which feels even more convenient and nice in your hand — that is our step toward the consumer, while using 15% less plastic due to the use of innovative technologies in bottle shape design and production is our step to protect the environment,” — outlined Natalia Revika, marketing director of IDS Borjomi Ukraine.

Besides the bottle weight, Morshynska has also restyled its “appearance”: changed logo font, geometric fir tree and mountain embossment, zoomed out on the size of the neck and crown cap. The label on the new Morshynska bottle became more narrow and with fewer details. Color-codes for the sparkling or still water (blue, white, green) have remained unchanged, so the buyers can quickly find their bottle on the shelves.

Within a few months all formats of Morshynska’s PET bottles will change to the new design. At the same time, in February – April 2020 the new-look Morshynska will have a limited edition cap with the word “Sort” (Ukr. “Сортуй”), to draw the consumers’ attention to the need of plastic sorting.

At the website you can see the relevant map with sorting points and learn the right way to prepare bottles for recycling.

Updated Morshynska will be available in stores starting from February 10.