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‘Morshynska’ presented new premium glass bottle

In June 2017, natural mineral Carpathian originated water ‘Morshynska’ presented its new premium glass bottle. Its design has to emphasize the clearness and natural taste of water and created with accordance to the latest world design trends.
From now on elegance, style and brevity are the main features of the new ‘Morshynska’ glass bottle. The nature created an etalon of substance and the people joined the process of creation the most perfect form for it. As a result, we have premium high-quality product.
‘Morshynska’ is loved by 95% of Ukrainians due to its unique composition and neutral taste.
“Renewed and modern packaging is the new stage of this brand development. In April 2017, ‘Morshynska’ received an international quality certificate for EU countries, and due to new packaging, we finally got the balance of ideal natural content and improved external form to meet the highest demands of our customers” – stressed Marko Tkachuk, IDS Borjomi Ukraine’s CEO.