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“Morshynska” and the strongest athletes of Ukraine announce 2018 as a year of effective training!

“Morshinska Sport” is the first Ukrainian brand of water which loudly declared the need to drink water during training and follow a healthy lifestyle. The most famous Ukrainian athlets support the national program “Morshinska Sport – FIRST RULE OF TRAINING”  which is aimed at popularizing sports in Ukraine.


This idea was highle appreciated and supported by Ukrainian world-class sports people:
• Elina Svitolina — 3-d racket of the world according to the WTA rankings. The sportswoman who has reached the highest recognition in the history of Ukrainian tennis
• Zhan Beleniuk – Olympic medalist, world champion in Greco-Roman wrestling
• Olha Kharlan – Olympic champion, 5-time world champion and 7-time European champion in fencing.


The program “Morshinska Sport – FIRST RULE OF TRAINING” is aimed at inspiring the Ukrainians to engage in sports and physical culture. And to do it right – with the support of the moisture balance during training. Because during exercise there is nothing that depletes the body as body water loss. Nothing can simply compensates for this loss except for a light mineral composition of natural water from Morshyn sources.

“We have big ambitions. Almost 10 years ago, with the introduction of the first bottles with a sports cover, a long journey began, the goal of which remained unchanged – a healthy and sporting Ukrainian nation. We aspire to change the world view of every Ukrainian. Together with professional sports people and Morshinska, we want to inspire everyone to take the first step towards a healthy and sporting being”, – comments Marko Tkachuk, IDS Borjomi Ukraine CEO.


“The real strength is the ability to conquer yourself, your laziness and fears, indifference to yourself and your health. Go out of the house in the morning for a run, swim or performing push-ups. It does not matter where you do sport – at home, at a children’s sports ground or in a fashionable fitness club. The main rule of training is the right water. “Morshinska” and your desire! “- say the sports people.

In the framework of the initiative open trainings with sportsmen and activations in social networks are planned. Everyone can learn how to properly train and master the basic principles of successful and effective training.