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Likani in new, aluminum packaging is already on the shelves

The mineral water Likani, which is the product of IDS Borjomi Georgia, has recently presented new packaging – 0.33 liter aluminum cans. The design of the cans is identical to Likanis’ new packaging and ideally represents dynamic wave that combines the rhythm of the water, mountains and music. The latest image of the can expresses the unique minerals that are present in Likani in a minimalistic way and besides, truly echoes the ideas of the brand.

The mineral water Likani enjoys exceptional love and loyalty of its customers. To express its dynamic and youthful we created a modern packaging – a can.

“Likani makes us full with living energy and with it, life is much more vibrant!” states Tata Katamadze, the brand manager of Likani.

The design of can was made by Ani Chogoshvili, the designer of IDS Borjomi Tbilisi.

“I think that the rebranding of Likani was successful because as a result we got a modern packaging that moves away from standard forms of labels. While working on a new design, we tried to keep the main concept of the label but accentuated bright and modern colors. We hope that the news will find a great endorsement by costumers,” announced the brand designer Ani Chogoshvili.

Likani with aluminum packaging is produced in Borjomi Factory N1.

From now on, the mineral water Likani is presented in four different packages: 0.33 L. CAN; 0.6L, 1L and 1.5 PET.