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“Flavored Likani” – What a match!

Mineral water “Likani” has entered the market with a new product! “Flavored Likani” in an aluminum can offers three different flavors: apple and tarragon, peach and orange blossom, cherry and pomegranate – these are the aromatic blends combined with the minerals of sparkling “Likani” that create a completely new, healthy product.

“Likani” with natural fruit flavor, 0 calories and, most importantly, sugar and sweeteners free, is a healthy and delicious choice to quench your thirst. The wonderful aroma produced from the combination of two fruits has completely new flavor qualities. For years, “Likani” mineral water has enjoyed special love and loyalty among consumers, and we are confident that the new “Likani” product will also enjoy popularity.

Tata Katamadze, Likani Brand Manager:

“The mineral water industry is developing quite intensively all over the world, and innovations in this area are constantly being introduced. Today, it is very important that the product is not only healthy but also interesting for consumers. “Likani” a brand that loves innovations, continues to expand its portfolio and this time, will try to win the hearts of consumers with mixes saturated with natural fruit flavors.

We believe that “Likani” with fruit flavor, 0 calories and 0 sugar will contribute to the establishment of a healthy lifestyle, because an alternative natural and tasty soft drink in the form of flavored “Likani” has appeared on the market.

“Flavored Likani” – What a match!”

“Flavored Likani” is initially only available in aluminum cans. Its packaging was developed by graphic designer Ani Tchogoshvili:

“Based on the product concept, I tried to make a design that will attract your attention and make you love it at a glance. We kept the main line of the label in the form of waves, focusing on colors and fruits. In general, I believe that color is the most important in design and I hope that the consumers will enjoy these bright colors and that the new “Likani” with fruit will become a favorite product for everyone.”

“Likani” is a flavored sparkling mineral water, produced by IDS Borjomi Georgia, at Borjomi bottling plant N1.

“Likani” – Life sparkles!