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Think healthy

For 130 years, Borjomi has been taking care of us every day, giving us health and pleasure.

One way or another, we will soon reframe our habits. Food should be healthy. Lifestyle should be healthy. Water should be the one that gives strength and makes up for the lack of useful elements in our organisms: after physical activity, exercise, and also in case of a mineral deficiency.

We feel good if the metabolism in our body is stable. And this is possible when creating optimal conditions. You can help yourself by consuming not only healthy food daily, but also sodium hydrogen carbonate water (which Borjomi refers to). This will keep the body’s pH normal, as well as us, energizing and inspiring to earn new achievements. Even if it is +30 seconds to the plank or the first TikTok video.

Our habits will also include not only eating healthy, but also drinking plenty of water, especially the one that will be the most healthy for us. The unique complex of minerals and elements contained in each bottle or can of Borjomi will help us to feel more energetic, think more efficiently and look better. And on the screens during video calls also :). Thanks to its properties, Borjomi is an indispensable companion of home detox. A well-known taste will make health care even more pleasant.

We will add two excellent traditions to the usual rituals of caring of ourselves and the loved ones. “Home borjoming” is the first one and it is easy to implement by simply adding “Borjomi” to your daily diet. We do not even doubt that it already consists mostly of healthy and wholesome foods – and in tandem with the charging minerals’ power it will provide excellent well-being and mood. And we will need it for the next part of the plan: #homeborjoming is cooler than before! Call friends, stream the sunsets, dance on the balconies, pick up new challenges, smile a lot  – even more often than before. And tirelessly raise the glasses for this filled with your favorite water or open a can foggy from the cold with a sonorous click.

Spring 2020 has shown how important it is to take care of yourself and your loved ones, maintaining pH and making up for the lack of minerals in the organism. Our well-being and mood also directly depend on what we eat and drink, how and how much we move, what we breathe, after all. Each of us has always a choice, and now it is especially important that it brings joy!

A can or a bottle, glass or PET, 0.33 or 1.25 L – choose, charge and share the Borjomi volcanic power with your loved ones. Natural mineralization of 5.0-7.5 g/l, together with a taste recognizable from the first sip, will give strength and energize for the new achievements, plans and ideas. You and us have a lot of #borjoming ahead.