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Borjomi: active summer flavour

IDS Borjomi International presents a new design of “Borjomi” dedicated to leisure time activities 


Summertime is long days, warm nights, new discoveries and sincere emotions. It’s time to leave all cares behind, to dive into the world of driving fun and get the maximum enjoyment from life. Riding quick as the wind on the hoverboard or turning the pedals in plenty, passing the time on a picnic with a racket or a ball, enjoying a sense of balance on a wakeboard or taming the ocean on a kayak – perhaps each of us will have a liking experience. Probably, each of us also wanted at least once to try our hand at something new. The most popular and most desired entertainment are embodied in the new design of “Borjomi” in the form of a proposal for how actively and fun you can spend your time.

“We continue to develop our brand, and this summer each of us can even more together with “Borjomi”!  – says Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International marketing manager. – Choose liking entertainment, the format of your favorite water – according to the situation, get a charge of volcanic energy for everything you have conceived – and enjoy every minute!”.

A special series of “Borjomi” bottle is presented in the following format: aluminum can with a volume of 0.33 l, PET bottle with a sleeve-label with a volume of 0.5 and 0.75 l, as well as in a group package – for surplus consumers.