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Borjomi: now also available in large bottles

IDS Borjomi International continues to launch new packaging for Borjomi mineral water. Earlier, the company has successfully launched a 0.33-liter aluminum can to draw attention of young, active audience. The can supplemented the company’s packaging range, which at that time featured 0.5 L and 0.75 L PETs and 0.33 L and 0.5 L glass bottles. But now, time has come to meet the needs of people who prefer water in large bottles. Therefore, starting from April 2019 Borjomi will also be sold in 1 L and 1.25 L packaging.

“We are always mindful of the needs and requests of our customers, trying to prepare the most advantageous offers for them just when they need it. The new packaging from Borjomi is one of these offers: the price in equivalent of a 0.5 L bottle or a can is very pleasing, and most importantly, you would love to share it with your close ones or friends,” Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International Marketing Manager said.

The new packaging was aptly premiered on the eve of a summer season of active leisure, when a large bottle of Borjomi would be especially appropriate. Rides, games, trips, strolls, outdoor activities with family and friends – it will ideally fit into any concept of your favorite pastime. At the same time, unique properties of our mineral mater and its unparalleled taste remain unchanged, but with only one difference: now, it unites people and inspires them to enjoy life even more.

*data by TNS research company