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TM ‘Morshynska’ and WWF supported the planting of more than 20 000 trees in the Carpathians

At the end of May 2017, the first stage of All-Ukrainian program ‘Together for the nature’ was finished. Initiators of the program – TM ‘Morshynska’ and World Wildlife Fund – proposed every Ukrainian citizen to take part in saving the nature and to join the program of renovation of Carpathians forests and to plant their own behalf tree.

The project lasted for 3 months. During that time, almost 5000 non-indifferent Ukrainians from different regions of the country, TV-representatives and 25 media took part at the project. 10 participants of the promo could plant their own behalf trees personally.

The project ‘Together for the nature’ became the first experience of the corporate partnership of WWF in Ukraine. The next planned step is the number of projects directed by saving the Carpathians nature particularly and Ukrainian nature in general.

Carpathians were chosen as a pilot region not by chance. This region is the motherhood of ‘Morshynska’ brand. Here are the unique springs of natural mineral water and this way the organizers would like to show their gratitude to the nature for such present.

More than 5 mln Ukrainians have learned about the project, more than 5000 of consumers took part at the promo at the official page. The video of the project was shown nearly 500 000 times – it shows that the theme is actual and our citizens are ready to take part in the important projects.