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You’ve got your character. Borjomi

Borjomi keeps growing on the emotional platform, having launched in 2019 a new communication based on the uniqueness of every person.

Each of us has some sort of distinguishing traits: some have unusual hairstyle or wear designer clothes, others know further math or city roofs, and still others simply can make people laugh. We automatically stand out of the crowd, because we know things, do things and feel things not like it’s supposed to be. All that has found its reflection in our new communication called “Character”, for character is that unique thing which everyone has and which makes that person feel special.

Having character means following one’s own interests, skills and desires without regard to stereotypes and prejudices.

‘Borjomi is a special water, a water with character, and that’s how we see our customers, too’, Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International Marketing Manager says. ‘We use our communication to support values and desires of our customers: to find yourself, to let yourself live the way you like and not to be afraid to show your character!’

Being yourself is more important than being simply unique – that’s the idea behind the Borjomi brand’s new communication campaign. A series of video clips was created with the aim of catering to interests of the brand’s audience: short and dynamic for the younger audience of the can, more informative for the product’s main audience. All of them illustrate how vividly our traits manifest themselves in various life situations. Mind-catching visual stories emphasize that the uniqueness of everyone is in the details.