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20,000 Kievites were the first to hear the sound of The Voice of Water

On 23 March, in observance of World Water Day, MorshynskaTM and the Ukrainian musicians The Maneken, ONUKA, DakhaBrakha and Katya Chilly presented The Voice of Water project, the only one of its kind in Ukraine, accompanied by a huge light show from Front Pictures.

The hearts of more than 20,000 people beat in unison with the music from four most renowned Ukrainian performers. The live art performance in Kyiv’s Kontraktova Square continued for over 3 hours, during which, the musicians sang 15 compositions.

Morshynska. The Voice of Water project is the first work of music created by natural water of the Carpathians in synergy with the voices of talented Ukrainian musicians in modern interpretation.

“The music of nature must sound in hearts and in big cities where there is so little nature, and therefore, I believe that it is a very important project for the revival of the lost connection between humans and nature,” Katya Chilly said.

A team of 100 professionals in various fields worked for more than nine months to create The Voice of Water symphony. During their expeditions and filming outings, the project’s participants traveled almost 20,000 kilometers to find the most beautiful locations in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Experienced sound engineers and industrial designers created six unique musical instruments that did not require manual control. Using these instruments, water of Carpathian rivers, waterfalls and lakes was creating music by itself.

“We gathered these sounds using state-of-the-art audio equipment and created on their basis a sound track together with the talented Ukrainian musicians Onuka, DakhaBrakha and Katya Chilly. This way, we wanted to show people the beauty and purity of natural water in the most comprehensible and emotional form for a human and in a universal language: using music and visual images,” Yevhen Filatov, the project’s sound producer said.

“The goal of this project is to preserve the unique beauty of Ukrainian nature. We want to convey a message to people that nature of the Carpathians needs to be treated with care,” Natalia Revika, IDS Marketing Director emphasized. “For that purpose, we received support from WWF and are going to allocate a portion of revenue from the sales of Morshynska. The Voice of Water limited series of mineral water to finance programs aimed to restore ecosystem of the Carpathians.”