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Morshynska at Atlas Weekend’ 21

Exciting interactive zones, sorting stations, a portal to the incredible world of Ukrainian Carpathians, and our favorite natural Morshynska water at the main summer festival of the country

Morshynska at Atlas Weekend is seven days of the biggest festival in Eastern Europe, hundreds of hours of dancing, terabytes of music in the heart, millions of smiles and life-long memories. It is also themed attractions, sorting stations, a vibrant zone for kids ‘Morshynska Sportik”, an area for the youngest guests by “Morshynka”, gifts, daily water balance support and entertainment for adults and children. This is the atmosphere of pristine mountains amid a big city, and love uniting us in the Morshynska rhythm.

“It was an incredible, unforgettable week that we spent at Atlas Weekend together with you. We relaxed at the main zone dedicated to the birthplace of the natural Morshynska water, plunged into the “Carpathian Jungle” with “Sportik” and spent our time with the little ones in safety and comfort in “Morshynka” zone. We sorted PET bottles, cans, paper, medical masks and gloves right on the territory of the festival, learning smart consuming and appreciating the world around us together.

And, of course, we supported our water balance, tasted new things and enjoyed our favourite drinks: “Morshynka” for the youngest ones; “Sportik” for schoolchildren; 1.5 l of natural still water a day, scented Morshynska for healthy refreshment, and unique Pine Water for taste journeys to the peaks of forest-covered Carpathian Mountains. We are already looking forward to the next Atlas Weekend to see you again”, — says Anatoliy Hordeyev, Marketing Director at IDS Borjomi Ukraine.

We would like to remind that this year Morshynska has become an official partner of Atlas Weekend, prepared 4 themed entertainment zones of adults and 0+ kids, and set up 7 sorting stations at festival’s location.

Stay healthy. Stay toned. Stay with Morshynska at the coolest events in Ukraine!