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Borjomi taps into living legend for brand relaunch

Reawakening The Liquid Myth
For 130 years, Borjomi has had a devout following among those from all walks of life: from tzars and cosmonauts to the many citizens all over the world. The rejuvenating energy of Borjomi has earned it a place in millions of hearts and homes worldwide.

Many myths abound about the miracle water from the Georgian underground, from the legend of its discovery by a wounded deer to the tales of its curative power against common ailments.

This rich mythology echoes Borjomi’s nature as a true transformative power; a secretive, mythical liquid that can elevate every area of everyday life.

All summarized in the brand pay-off Live Water, Live Legend: The living, breathing folklore about the lifegiving water that has rejuvenated body, mind and soul for 130 years.

The Curative Powers of Juvenile Water
Recent research has cemented the unique properties of Borjomi: The source is so deep that the spring contains Juvenile Water: Water created deep underground that enters the water cycle for the first time. So unlike all other sources, this water has never seen the surface of the earth nor been touched by any living human before.

Emerging from volcanic fissures as deep below ground as Mt. Everest rises above, the water is enriched with a high concentration of 60+ minerals that gives it its restorative and balancing powers as well as a uniquely bold taste. Alkaline in nature, Borjomi water removes acid to cleanse the body and increases metabolism to boost energy, focus and mood; to truly rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul.

Iconography & Mythology
Borjomi’s lore is as unique as its water. As legend has it, the mythical spring was discovered by a young deer escaping a pursuing hunter. Having been already wounded, the deer paused to drink from the spring and was instantly healed by its curative powers. From there the legend was born.

Today, Borjomi is unapologetic in the conviction that it is unique among waters.
To reflect this in their visual expression, a universe was created that mixes the distinct Georgian heritage with the hype of youth culture. Visually, this marries global street style and fashion aesthetics with mystical graphical elements. Typographically, Borjomi mixes the Georgian Mkhedruli script with local alphabets in a unique expression of their origin.

To augment the font and logo further, a signature pattern was developed based on the lines and shapes of the Bolnisi cross found in the Georgian flag. Coded in it is a symbolic representation of everything that makes Borjomi what it is: The Deep Source, The Curative power, The Birth of Borjomi, The Georgian Heritage and the Deer that discovered it all.

And the brand can always be recognized by its proprietary Georgian green, reflecting the hues and rejuvenating nature of Georgia’s deep waters, majestic mountains and clear skies.

Created on-site in Georgia
The brand relaunches with a bold campaign, shot on location in Georgia as an homage to the origin of Borjomi. The launch film reimagines the iconic story of Borjomi’s discovery in a universe infused with fantasy, fashion and fiction elements.

The film was scored by none other than the renowned national orchestra conductor Nicholoz Rachveli, who created The Rejuvenation Anthem specifically for Borjomi.

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The film features Lika Rigvava, a Georgian model, and was shot in Tbilisi, Martvili Canyon, the fabled Prometheus Cave and the very Borjomi valley where the water emerges.

The campaign is created by Virtue, the creative agency born from VICE. The film is directed by Ced Pakusevskij and produced by Mr Frank.