Company history

The history of IDS Borjomi International begins in 2002, focusing on the consolidation and development of natural mineral water producers located in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The task was assigned to Vladimir Ashurov. From 2002 through the present day, acquisitions completed in accordance with this strategy have resulted in the formation of IDS Borjomi International, one of the largest mineral water producers in the Eurasian region.


In 2017, our company launched yet another innovation: Borjomi in a stylish 0.33-liter aluminum can. This new format was created with a young and active market in mind, a generation that is ready to experiment and intrigued by innovation.  Its enthusiastic reception underscored the new design as a popular solution among young adult consumers.

The company also expanded the SKU line of Ukraine’s Morshynska line, introducing chic new premium packaging with a 0.33 liter glass bottle.

The company further expanded its collaboration with Walt Disney Studios to Russia with the unveiling of Svyatoj Istochnik’s new lines of special edition collectible 0.33 bottles, featuring characters from the Disney animated film “Frozen”, heroes of the “Star Wars” saga, and MARVEL superheroes.


The company entered into a long-term deal with Walt Disney Studios. Special 0.33 liter collector’s edition bottles featuring characters from the Disney animated film “Frozen” and a second series with the beloved characters from the ‘Star Wars’ saga are unveiled in Ukraine.

Svyatoj Istochnic brand radically redesigned its product line and led the Russian bottled water segment for the second consecutive year.

Georgia’s Bakuriani brand became leader of the still water category on the Georgian market.


2015 saw the celebration of the 125th anniversary of our international brand, the legendary Georgian mineral water Borjomi, the benchmark of quality natural mineral water. Due to its unique properties, unchanging composition, and volcanic origin, Borjomi is known and appreciated in more than 40 countries.

The Svyatoj Istochnic brand became the leading product on the Russian bottled water market.


In April 2014, the IDS Borjomi International portfolio expanded again, adding Georgian mineral water Mitarbi to its lineup, and winning accolades from Georgian mineral water consumers.


Following a lengthy hiatus, in April 2013, IDS Borjomi International received its state registration certificate from the Russian Federation for Borjomi mineral water, and in May 2013, resumed deliveries of the legendary mineral water to the Russian market.
IDS Borjomi International, a recognized bottled water market leader in the CIS and the Baltic states, soon assumed a leading regional market share of 12.2%.


By 2009 the IDS Borjomi Russia portfolio included new brands – EdelweissMirgorodska and Truskavetska – and became a significant player on the Moscow market and the absolute market leader in Russia’s central region. In May 2009, IDS Borjomi International acquired a mineral water producing plant in Kostroma and the legendary Russian brand Sacred Springs from the Nestle international group. Currently, IDS Borjomi Russia is the Russian market leader, with a 7.5% in the bottled water category.

In 2009 IDS Borjomi International opened a subsidiary distribution company in Vilnius, Lithuania to serve the Baltic Countries – IDS Borjomi Europe.  The division represents the interests of IDS Borjomi International in the Baltic republics, eastern and central Europe, and also imports Borjomi Georgian mineral water into the Baltic States and Eastern Europe.

Also in 2009, at an auction held by the Georgian government, the company received an exclusive license to extract and produce Borjomi through 2034.


Since 1998, IDS Borjomi International has been actively developing the bottled water market in Russia. By 2006, the Russian division of the company – LLC Borjomi Waters was selling company products (Borjomi, Mirgorodska, Truskavetska) in every region of the Russian Federation, and managing a national delivery network comprised of 110 distributors and 5 distribution centers spread across Russia. In 2006, with the acquisition of the Lipetsk Edelweiss A mineral water plant, and following the ban of Borjomi shipments to Russia for reasons unrelated to the company’s operation, the business of IDI Borjomi Russia had to be rebuilt from the ground up. The company’s Georgian division was also completely restructured after Russia’s 2006 ban of Borjomi products. New brands like Likani, Bakuriani and Mitarbi were created and successfully launched. IDS Borjomi Georgia ‘s flagship brand is world-famous Borjomi mineral water, now exported to more than 40 countries around the world.


The close of 2004 saw the successful acquisition of the manufacturer and distributor of TM Morshinska — the Oscar mineral water plant in Morshin, Ukraine, and the Nova distribution company, the two later merging as the JSC IDS and the Morshin Mineral Water Plant, a division of IDS Borjomi Ukraine. During its period of activity in Ukraine IDS Borjomi International has invested heavily in the development of the mineral water market. In particular, a new plant was built in Morshin, and is the most modern facility in the former USSR; Truskavets water producers, makers of the famous TM Truskavetska, were consolidated;  and the Morshinska, Mirgorodska, and Borjomi brands have won leading positions in the Ukrainian market, resulting in a powerful new player on the Ukrainian bottled water market. To date, IDS Borjomi Ukraine produces natural mineral water at four plants in different regions of the country  – Mirgorod, Morshin, Truskavets, and Hola Prystan in the Kherson region – under the brand names Morshinska, Mirgorodska, Mirgorodska Lahidna, Truskavetska, Alaska, and others. The company distributes products made in Ukraine, and also imports and distributes products from its Georgian Business unit – Borjomi mineral water. IDS Borjomi Ukraine includes an operating unit delivering water to customers at their homes and offices – IDS Aqua Service. It produces and supplies water from Ukraine’s resort regions under the Alaska brand name, the only national player in this market segment.


Another major acquisition was completed in 2003; the group was joined by a Ukrainian company, CJSC Industrial and Distribution Systems, which included Ukraine’s largest producer, the Mirgorod Mineral Water Plant and its extensive drinking water and beverage distribution network.


In October 2002, the fund acquired the Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters Co.N.V company, which has manufactured internationally recognized mineral waters since the late 19th century. Its products were represented on the market by the Borjomi brand. In Georgia, the company IDS Borjomi Georgia (formerly Georgian Glass and Mineral Waters Co.N.V) stood as the mineral water market leader.  IDS Borjomi International completely reconstructed its Georgia Borjomi production base, setting up two modern ISO certified mineral water bottling plants, and consolidating the Borjomi brand within the framework of a single manufacturer.