About us

IDS Borjomi International is a leading producer and bottler of fine mineral waters with production facilities in the countries of Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. A leader in the marketplace in the CIS and the Baltics, IDS Borjomi International also currently exports our products to customers in 40 countries worldwide, and has been doing so since our establishment in 2002.

Among our most celebrated brands we produce Borjomi, Morshinska, Mirgorodska, Truskavetska, and Svyatoi Istochnyk mineral waters.

This high-profile brand lineup represents a kind of “living history” of the mineral water industry in Georgia, Ukraine, and Russia. As early as the 19th century, Borjomi mineral water was being bottled under the patronage of the Romanov royal family. Yet the story of IDS Borjomi International can be traced back even further. 2015 marked the company’s 125th anniversary in the industrial production of Borjomi.

IDS Borjomi International boasts a team of around 7,000 talented professionals, dedicated to an innovative take on the mineral water industry. The result is a company that is constantly evolving – exploring new springs, brands, and product lines; testing new ingredients and levels of carbonation; updating our product presentation with exciting new packaging and format designs; introducing our line in new markets; and employing the latest in promotional techniques. We hold our company-owned springs in our countries of production as a sacred trust, both for ourselves and our customers. The sources for the waters produced by IDS Borjomi International reflect a centuries-old and world-renowned tradition. Whether the Borjomi springs in Georgia, the Mirgorod, Morshyn, or Truskavets Springs in Ukraine, or the famous springs at Lipetsk and Kostroma in Russia, we are dedicated to the thoughtful development and preservation of this precious resource. Our customers are assured of a product delivered in its pristine, natural form, yet one that meets and exceeds all industry standards for production. Our plants operate with cutting-edge equipment, and IDS Borjomi International is heavily invested in our production base development to ensure products that are consistently of the highest quality and responsive to market trends.

We are involved in the discovery and development of new mineral springs from which to source all our brands. We have opened new production facilities, and developed revolutionary packaging designs. Our professional testers have pursued a rigorous scientific examination of each of our products, resulting in product descriptions that lay out the unique benefits of each water. These efforts have proven to be an unqualified success and have fundamentally altered the mineral water market in the countries served by IDS Borjomi International.

Recent years have seen us implement a series of large-scale projects. We have:

  • developed innovative packaging for the Borjomibrand – the aluminum 0.33 liter can. Upon its introduction in the Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian markets the new design met with an enthusiastic response.
  • revitalized packaging designs for the Mirgorodskaand Truskavetska brands and unveiled a new premium package for Ukraine’s Morshynska brand: a chic 0.33 liter glass bottle
  • launched a new Georgian brand of still water – Already by 2017, Bakuriani is its official segment leader on the Georgian market.
  • updated the packaging for the Svyatoj Istochnikbrand – the market share leader among Russian bottled waters.

IDS Borjomi International has long been invested in the earth’s environment. Recent years have seen consistent participation in corporate efforts to preserve nature, which this year included leading massive reforestation efforts in remote reserve areas of the Borjomi Valley in Georgia and Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.

In 2009, an IDS Borjomi Europe subsidiary was established as a distribution network in the Baltic states. Active promotion has established the Borjomi brand as the market leader in the region.

In 2010, IDS Borjomi International established a new division in the Republic of Belarus. The company’s brand portfolio is represented by TM Borjomi and TM Svyatoj Istochnik. 

In 2013, sales of legendary Borjomi mineral water were resumed in Russia following a significant break.

We also continue to develop our Borjomi brand – considered the benchmark for mineral water in post-Soviet Union countries – across a range of newer markets.

Beginning in the early 1990s, market and political forces beyond the company’s control resulted in a series of challenges faced by Borjomi. Yet, we have never lost confidence in the brand, and have been working tirelessly for its further development.

In March 2009, the company obtained an exclusive, long-term license (running through 2034) to bottle Borjomi spring water. Hydro-geological and health-research studies have identified the properties and advantages unique to this mineral water. Several kilometers below the earth’s crust, volcanic processes drive an oxygen hydrogen compound that results in the birth of clear, pure water. These pristine waters are referred to as “juvenile”, having never been involved in the natural water cycle. Under high temperatures and pressure, the water rises from depths up to 10 km, traveling through layers of igneous rock where it takes on its rich mineral composition. The most prominent of these minerals in Borjomi is sodium hydrogen carbonate, a compound of significant benefit to the human body. A benefit consumers of Borjomi have long felt and appreciated.

Beginning in the spring of 2010, Borjomi tailored its customer campaign across the majority of its sales territory to include this specific scientific information. A sophisticated consumer base wants to know the facts – what is in the water, what is the benefit of regular consumption – and Borjomi provided them in clear, accessible language. Another new communication campaign – Live with the Power of Volcano – was launched in the spring of 2017, adding even further positive associations to the Borjomi brand. This is not just water for a healthy lifestyle, but a dependable presence during the most vivid moments of your life.

2015 marked the proud 125th anniversary celebration of our legendary, flagship brand – world famous Borjomi Georgian mineral water. In the 125 years that have passed since it was first bottled, this Georgian-born brand has won the dedication of consumers in 40 countries around the world.