Our Company

1.5 billion liters sold in 2018. 11 brands. Exports to 40 countries. 7,000 employees. 10 state-of-the-art bottling plants with an aggregate production capacity of 200 million units monthly. The largest natural bottled water producer in the CIS and the Baltics. This is one way of looking at IDS Borjomi International.

The best way is to look what’s in the bottle. The truth is in the bottle.

Founded in 2002, IDS Borjomi International is the largest producer of natural mineral waters in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States. We market 11 brands produced at ten state-of-the-art bottling plants and exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. With representative offices in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and wider Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania, IDS Borjomi International sets the standard for natural mineral water. Our story is below.

In 2020, the flagship brand of IDS Borjomi International – Borjomi Mineral Water – will celebrate the 130th Anniversary of its first commercial bottling. Drawn from ancient mineral springs utilized for more than 1,000 years, the singular volcanic mineral composition of Borjomi Water is a natural gift worth celebrating.

This is the task that has engaged IDS Borjomi International since its founding in 2002. Borjomi has evolved since its humble beginnings, and now boasts representative offices in Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and a general European office in Vilnius, Lithuania, IDS Borjomi has pursued an aggressive strategy to bring the world’s oldest and purest curative – natural mineral water – to an ever-expanding market.

Lively, contemporary advertising campaigns coupled with a firm commitment to investment and expansion has worked to put Borjomi on the menu for unprecedented numbers of consumers. In 2018 IDS Borjomi international moved 1.5 billion liters across 11 brands. This from a company that began with one brand and just under 1,500 liters per year.

We’re looking to grow even more.

The modern consumer wants authenticity. Variety. Unimpeachable quality. He wants brands that speak to his concerns for self-care and for that of the planet. Whether at its Borjomi Springs in Georgia, those in Morshyn, Mirgorod and Truskavets in Ukraine, or those in Lipetsk and Kostroma, Russia, IDS Borjomi International is committed to the preservation of the ecological balance of the places its waters are born. The company has led extensive reforestation projects in wilderness areas in both Georgia and Ukraine. Yet, we believe that the preservation of a natural resource, managed with care, is no obstacle to its prudent development.

And IDS Borjomi has developed with focus, energy and with a determined goal: to put the best water on earth on every table, every day. Upon reaching consumers, our waters, depending on their source, go by a variety of names: Morshynska, Bakuriani, Likani, Svyatoj Istochnik (Saint Spring) Edelweiss, Mirgorodska, Truskavetska, Alaska and, certainly, Borjomi. We are committed to making these names known the world over.

Our sales, our ads, our growing market tell part of the story of IDS Borjomi International. But when you need to know the full truth, look in the bottle.