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IDS Borjomi International is the largest producer of natural mineral water and the leading manufacturer of natural bottled water in the CIS and Baltic States.

IDS Borjomi International boasts many years of experience in production and marketing of natural mineral water brands. The company offers consumers of various ages and income groups unique, quality natural mineral water and nonalcoholic beverages that bring health and good feeling every day.

IDS Borjomi International is an international company with offices in five countries of the world, exporting its products to over 40 countries. Today, the company is comprised of IDS Borjomi Georgia, IDS Borjomi Ukraine, IDS Borjomi Russia, IDS Borjomi Belarus and IDS Borjomi Europe office in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company has eight bottling plants in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia, and employs almost 7 thousand people.

IDS Borjomi International’s portfolio features 11 brands, the most renowned of which are Borjomi, Morshynska, Svyatoj Istochnik, Mirgorodska, Bakuriani, Likani, Edelweiss, Truskavetska and Alaska.