Truskavetska’  is hydrocarbonated table water. It combines salubrious qualities of Carpathian water with minimal (up to 0,9 g/dm³) natural mineralization. Thus, everyone can drink it every day – it is useful for both children and grownups.

Unlike medical mineral water, which is consumed directly from the pump onsite in Truskavets, the bottled table water from the same town does only a soft prophylactic effect. That’s why in order to keep healthy and feel well every member of the family can drink it in limitless amounts. Since good health means harmony in the family!


“Truskavetska” mineral water is obtained from the wells of the protected landscape of the reputed Truskavets resort, founded in 1827. The reserve is situated in the picturesque valley of Eastern Carpathians – the land of clean odorous air, forests and salubrious wellsprings.

Truskavetska’s mineral composition

Mineral composition mg/dm3
Hydrocarbonates 150 – 650
Sulfates <150
Chlorides <120
Calcium 10-180
Magnesium <100
Potassium + Sodium <200
Mineralization 0,25-0,90 g/dm3