Truskavetska’ mineral water is extracted from wells located in a picturesque valley in the eastern Carpathian Mountains, on the territory of the famous Truskavets botanical park. First opened in 1827, the park is noted for its fresh air, healing springs, and lush forests.


Truskavetska is a natural Carpathian table mineral water. Technically categorized as a complex cationic composition water, it possesses a mild taste and low natural mineralization – to 0,9 g/l – allowing it to be enjoyed daily, without restriction.

Truskavetska is a hydrocarbonated table water which combines the health-promoting  properties of Carpathian water with low natural mineralization. This water is recommended for adults and children alike. Distinct from the water available directly at the well-room in the town of Truskavets, bottled Truskavetska water possesses only a mild prophylactic effect, and is beneficial for promoting good health and personal harmony in every member of your family.

What is the secret of the popularity of Truskavetska? Among its Ukrainian devotees, the location of the wells –  the ecologically clean area of Truskavets, a resort town in the heart of the Carpathians – makes all the difference. The water rises in 20 wells from depth between 40-70 meters. From here it travels by pipe to the bottling plant a few kilometers from the source. Next, it passes through a multilayered mechanical filtration system comprised of gravel and sand segments that eliminate any incidental physical impurities. The water’s natural composition remains otherwise untouched. From here, Truskavetska water is transferred to a cutting-edge computerized KHS bottling facility where it is carefully monitored at every stage of the process and packaged in PET-bottles.