«Saint Spring»

Saint Spring’ is a natural drinking water extracted from artesian wells located in a Russian nature preserve. It’s the original Russia-produced bottled water, on that market now for more than 20 years.  Saint Spring is the choice of most Russians who buy the bottled water. In 2015 Saint Spring became the undisputed market leader and has been remain so today.*. Currently, Saint Spring positions its natural bottled water as the choice of the younger generation, active and interested in healthy living.

The Saint Spring brand boasts a wide range of products, suitable for every occasion. In addition to offering packaging options in everything from 0.33 liter to 19-liter bottles, the brand pays special attention to the children’s market, promoting water balance for young consumers, producing Saint Spring Sportik for school-age children, Saint Spring Svetlyachok for  small babies, and  a range of products under a licensing  agreement with the Walt Disney Company. The eye-catching packaging serves as an incentive for parents to introduce their children to a healthy lifestyle from early childhood.

Saint Spring endeavors to promote the fact that the observance of one simple habit every day –  maintaining your water balance –  is the key to a fuller, more rewarding life!


Saint Spring is a natural mineral water extracted from the singularly ancient Kostroma springs formed during the ice age, and which benefits from a natural 3-layer – sand, coal, and clay – filtration system. Fortified by the minerals it encounters on its journey, Saint Spring is an excellent source of our daily requirements of minerals and other microelements.

Saint Spring’s mineral composition

Mineral composition mg/dm3
Hydrocarbonates < 300
Chlorides < 150
Sulphates < 100
Calcium < 80
Magnesium < 30
Potassium < 20
Mineralization 0,1 – 0,5 g / l
Hardness of water < 6 mg-eq / l

* – according to Nielsen, 2015-2018