Morshynska natural mineral water originates in the ecologically clean region of Subcarpathia.

The Morshynska Valley is located east of the Carpathian Range, and surrounded by Carpathian National Forest in a thriving native ecosystem devoid of major industry.

The territory nearest the wells is restricted access, and adjacent to no human settlements.

The Morshyn field fills a large territory abutting the town of Morshyn. The water, however, arrives at the surface only at wells located within the restricted zone located deep within a beech forest. From the wells it spills into circulating pools where it moves through underground intake valves into pipes that feed the bottling plant. From well to pool to plant to bottle – a gentle descent requiring NO water pumps! – the trip lasts a full seven (7) minutes passing through a series of mechanical filters to clear the water of sand and small stones.  In its natural state, Morshynska water is so well balanced that it requires no additional handling or enhancement.