The underground field from which original Myrgorodska mineral wateris extracted was formed many millennia ago. About 130 million years ago, as a result of active tectonic processes occurring in the earth’s crust, huge domes of mineral salts were formed. The water circulating in this aquifer washes the stocks of mineral salts. Enriched with microelements for hundreds of years, it has acquired specific properties. As a result of such titanic work, nature created mineral water of the Myrgorod field. Such “storages” of healing water are quite rare, so their unique gifts are used especially carefully. 

The classic Myrgorodska is not the only wealth of Myrgorod. In recent years, hydrogeologists have actively investigated the Myrgorod subsoil and opened a well from another aquifer. The water in it significantly differs from the well-known “Myrgorodska”. Due to a lower level of mineralization, new water has a light taste – that is why it was called “Myrgorodska Lagidna”. This is table water, so you can drink it daily and without restrictions. 

Water from a new well is produced from the same Myrgorod mineral water field as Myrgorodska. However, the layers in which it lies, are located higher, closer to the surface of the earth. If the age of the Myrgorodska aquifer is 90 million years, then the Myrgorod Lagidna is much younger – its mineral composition was formed “only” 24 million years ago. 


Myrgorodska Lagidna 

heavily carbonated 

 slightly carbonated 
Mineralization 2.5-3.2 g /dm3  Mineralization 0.4-0.7 g / dm3 
Is mined from the Myrgorod field, a well  700m deep  Is mined from the upper horizon of the Myrgorod field, a 76 m deep well 
The mineral composition of water was formed        90 million years ago  The mineral composition of water was formed        24 million years ago 
Mineral composition of water: sodium chloride (unique taste)  Mineral composition of water: bicarbonate, complex cationic composition (light taste) 


Is mined on Mineral Water Plant of Myrgorod in an ecologically clean area (Poltava region) 
Bottled directly at the extraction site, which allows you to fully preserve its composition