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«Myrgorodska» is natural mineral sparling water with medium mineralization (2.5-3.2 g / dm3). It adds vitality, opening the “second breath”. This is due to the set of minerals from the Mirgorod field. High level of carbonation and minerals composition form a unique recognizable taste. 

Today, Myrgorodska is bottled at the largest innovative enterprise in the industry, the Mineral Water Plant of Myrgorod, which high technological standards are confirmed by international certificates. 

At present, the company has a quality control system certified to ISO 9001:2008, as well as a food safety management system certified to ISO 22000:2005. 

 Myrgorodska Lagidna 

«Myrgorodska Lagidna» is a natural mineral table water for consumers who prefer light mineral water. It has a low level of mineralization (0.4-0.7 g / dm3), weak carbonation and light taste, so you can drink it daily, without restrictions. “Myrgorodska Lagidna” is mined from the upper horizon of the famous Myrgorod field, and, like “Myrgorodska”, is able to add vitality. 

The high quality of Myrgorodska Lagidna has been repeatedly confirmed by awards and diplomas of authoritative international competitions and tastings. But the main confirmation is the choice of a large number of consumers.