“Myrgorodska” – water for vitality 

Ca + K + Na + Mg – what does this combination mean? This is not a chemistry task or a riddle of the English alphabet. This is the law of vitality. To understand it means to understand your body and everything that happens to it.  

We don’t even notice how we lose minerals and our vitality: when we work, play sports and even relax. Minerals are responsible for the coordinated work of the whole organism and its potential for vitality. Their deficiency in the body often leads to loss of energy, loss of strength and inability to withstand stress throughout the day: person becomes lethargic, inert, feels weakness and powerlessness. 

Replenish your body with minerals to cope with daily challenges and achieve more! 

What is the law of vitality? 

The law of vitality is the result of the addition of the four most important minerals for humans: calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. After all, these minerals are involved in many processes in our body. 

Calcium (Ca). Building material for bones. It also affects glucose and insulin levels, participates in muscle and neural reactions, blood clotting processes, has anti-allergic and antiseptic effects, activates a number of enzymes and hormones. 

Sodium (Na). An important microelement that provides the passage of nerve impulses, is part of the blood and intercellular fluid. Sodium along with potassium provides a balance of fluid in the body, preventing dehydration. 

Potassium (K). An important element for metabolism. It regulates the water-salt balance, the acid-base state of the body, activates enzymes, is necessary for normal muscle activity. 

Magnesium (Mg). According to scientists, is one of the most important elements for the human body. It participates in more than 300 reactions necessary for the functioning of the body, contributes to the proper functioning of the heart, nervous, digestive and other systems. 

Together, these minerals give us vitality, so it is important to maintain their required amount. 

How to add vitality 

Natural mineral water is a source of minerals! The formula of vitality is the formula of the famous natural mineral water of TM “Myrgorodska“, “Myrgorodska Lagidna” and “Edelweiss”. They include calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. This combination that for many centuries has been created by nature, allows you to quickly replenish vitality. Add vitality to cope with daily challenges and achieve more!