Likani mineral water possesses living minerals with a moderate content of mineral-ion complex. The unique ratio of hydrocarbons, magnesium and calcium defines the special character of Likani and gives it a unique, mild taste. Saturated with natural carbon dioxide, Likani is ideal for those who want to quench their thirst and cool off. The Likani package reflects a dynamic wave uniting the rhythms of water, mountains and music.

Likani mineral water is produced in the following packaging:

  • 0,6 L, 1 L и 1,5 L PET (Plastic)
  • 0,33 L Can

Likani’s Mineral composition

Mineral composition  mg/l 
Calcium  40–100 
Magnesium  30–80 
Potassium  15-50 
Sodium  1000–1700 
Hydro Carbonates  3000–4500 
Mineralization 4.5-6.5 g/l