Edelweiss‘ is water of a balanced mineral composition gathered from a natural underground lake.

The water is ideally suited to replenish those minerals lost during the course of our active lifestyles. Due to its moderate mineralization and light carbonation, Edelweiss mineral water is an excellent choice for everyday use.


The Edelweiss well is located in a pristine underground lake located in Russia’s Lipetsk region. Here, at a virtually inaccessible depth – 480 meters – is the birthplace of this singular water. All Edelweiss products are bottled directly at the location where the water is extracted.

Founded more than 10 years ago, the ‘Edelweiss L’ plant is the leading mineral water producer in the central Black Earth region. Today, the company is among Russia’s most modernly outfitted mineral water bottlers, boasting high-tech equipment of European manufacture that ensures a production level calibrated to preserve the water’s natural properties throughout the extraction and bottling process.

Mineral composition

Natural mineral drinking medical-table water ‘Edelweiss’

Carbonated chloride-sulfate sodium water. Mineralization: 3.0-4.5 g / dm3. Allowed to precipitate inorganic salts.

Chemical composition, mg/dm3:

Anions: Cations:
SO42-   1200-1700 Na++ K+ 1000-1300
Cl-       750-1000 Ca2+       80-150
НСО3 – 200-400 Mg2+ < 100