• Боржоми. Линейка бутылок.

Borjomi is a mineral water of volcanic origin. Rich with natural carbon dioxide, it rises to the surface from a depth of 8-10 km in a warm stream (38-41°C) without the aid of pumps. On its journey from a volcanic spring dating back 1,500 years and through the rock formations of the Caucasus Mountains Borjomi is enriched with a composition of more than 60 distinct minerals.

Numerous independent studies conducted under laboratory conditions have shown that Borjomi’s mineral composition has not changed since at least 1830. The Borjomi mineral water bottled today is identical to that first bottled at the bottling plant of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov at the close of the 19th century.

Borjomi mineral water is a matchless gift of nature. Its unique complex of volcanic minerals  result in a water that empowers intellectual and physical vigor, inspires innovative endeavor, and  enhances joie de vivre!

Unlike many other sodium bicarbonate mineral waters, Borjomi is not cooled underground, arriving at the surface at a temperature between 38-41°C.