Bakuriani is natural spring water with pleasant and soft taste. It has optimal low mineral content to be consumed everyday by the whole family without any limitations for various reasons: quenching the thirst, preparation of hot drinks, cooking, children’s nutritionUnlike ordinary drinking water, Bakuriani is not only pure and safe, but also it provides a good source to cater for daily mineral requirements, has unique rejuvenation effect and is a secret of lasting beauty. 

Bakuriani was launched in 2006 and already years remains packaged water market leader and has strong positions on total water market in Georgia. Since 2017 Bakuriani introduced Bakuriani Tsida on kids’ water market and afterwards in 2018 launched Bakuriani Toy bottles under a licensing agreement with the Walt Disney Company, both products have gained success and have strengthens brand’s image and loyalty of customers.   

Bakuriani’s mineral composition

Mineral composition  mg/l 
Calcium  25-80 
Magnesium  <20 
Sodium  <20 
Hydrocarbonates  150300 
Shulfates  <50 
Chlorides  <20 
Mineralization  0,2–0,5 g/l 
pH  6,0–8,0