Bakuriani is natural spring water with pleasant and soft taste. It has optimal low mineral content to be consumed everyday by the whole family without any limitations for various reasons: quenching the thirst, preparation of hot drinks, cooking, children’s nutrition. Unlike ordinary drinking water, Bakuriani is not only pure and safe, but also it provides a good source to cater for daily mineral requirements, has unique rejuvenating effect and is a secret of lasting beauty.

Bakuriani  remains packaged water market leader and has strong positions on total water market in Georgia.

Natural spring water Bakuriani is produced in the following packaging:

  • 0,5 L Glass bottle
  • 0,33 L; 0,5 L; 1; 1,5 L; 3 L; 6 L PET (plastic)
  • 0,5 L; 1L Bakuriani Sparkling PET (plastic)
  • 0,33 L «Bakuriani Tsida» and 0,33 L «Bakuriani» Toy bottle
  • 19 L PET (Plastic) Bottle

Bakuriani’s mineral composition

Mineral composition  mg/l 
Calcium  25-80 
Magnesium  <20 
Sodium  <20 
Hydrocarbonates  150300 
Shulfates  <50 
Chlorides  <20 
Mineralization  0,2–0,5 g/l 
pH  6,0–8,0