Alaska drinking water is a crystal-clear European quality water in which a perfect mineral balance is maintained throughout a gentle cleansing process with the Anti Scale Complex. This water is extracted in the Morshyn, Mirgorod and Hola Prystan natural preserve regions of Ukraine.

When processing water extracted from natural sources, it is important to preserve its composition integrity, cleansing away only undesirable substances, while retaining all useful elements.

The Anti Scale Complex System of Balanced Water Purification

The Anti Scale Complex assures that water upon boiling does not leave any scale while retaining all its essential minerals.

European Quality Standards

The water is bottled in accordance with international bottling standards directly at the production site, undergoing a multi-level cleansing process engineered to preserve the water’s purity.

Home or office delivery of Alaska water affords you the ability to care for your health daily with no additional effort required.  Alaska’s naturally formed mineral composition makes it an ideal choice for your cooking needs and as a ready thirst-quencher.

Alaska’s mineral composition

Alaska’s balanced composition allows you to use it for drinking or for preparing beverages and food.

рН 6,5-8,3
Calcium, mg/L ≤130
Magnesium, mg/L ≤80
Chloride, mg/L ≤250
Sulfates mg/L <15
Total Alkalinity, mmol/L 0,9-2,5
Total hardness mmol/ L 0,9-1,3
Solids mg/L 100-150