«Aqua Nanny»

Aqua Nanny children’s water is a purified non-carbonated drinking water with low mineral content, suitable for consumption by children from the first days of life. Aqua Nanny never needs to be boiled and is ideal for food preparation, for mixing infant formulas, thinning juices, brewing herbal teas, and for drinking.

Aqua Nanny is bottled at the Mirgorod Mineral Water Plant – the industry leader – located in a nature preserve near the town of Mirgorod, in Ukraine’s Poltava region. The spring is located in a restricted area, far from sources of industrial or urban pollution.

Each batch of Aqua Nanny is tested to ensure compliance with all organoleptic, physical, chemical and microbiological parameters. Extensive product analysis is also conducted periodically by independent laboratories to further establish conformity with all industry safety standards. All production processes at the plant are fully automated and product quality is monitored during every stage of production.

Aqua Nanny is not treated with ozone, carbon dioxide, or silver, does not contain any preservatives, and is not artificially saturated with either macro- or microelements. For your confidence and your baby’s health, there is no better choice – or higher standard – than that of Aqua Nanny.