«Aqua Nanny»

Water for babies “Aqua Nyanya is purified still drinking water with low levels of mineralization. It is suitable for babies consumption even in first days after birth because it doesn’t need to be boiled. “Aqua Nyanya” can also be used for cooking baby formula, fruit and vegetable juices, brewing herbs, and teas. 

 “Aqua Nyanya” is bottled in the resort area – Myrgorod city, Poltava region, at the Myrgorod mineral water plant – the leading enterprise in the industry. The well, from which water is  extracted, is protected against any kind of pollution or harmful emissions, while outsiders have limited access to the well itself.  Each batch of products is checked for compliance with organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological indicators. An extended survey of products for compliance with safety indicators is regularly carried out in independent laboratories. 

 All manufacturing processes at the factory are fully automated. Quality control is performed at all stages of production. “Aqua Nyanya is not treated with ozone, carbon dioxide and silver, it does not contain preservatives, and is not artificially saturated with macro- and microelements. 

Therefore, when purchasing your baby “Aqua Nyanya, you can be sure of its quality and safety. 

Aqua Nanny’s mineral composition

Calcium, mg / l  25-50 
Potassium, mg / l  2-20 
Magnesium, mg / l  5-20 
Sodium, mg / l  2-20 
Iodine, mcg / l   20 
Fluorides, mg / l   1,2 
General alkalinity, mmol / l  2-5 
General hardness mmol / l  1,5-3 
Dry residue, mg / l  100-500