Water for your home and office


For both home and office use, experts recommend choosing a natural water extracted from sources in ecologically clean regions, and having undergone several levels of gentle filtration…

Whether you drink pure water or use it to make hot drinks, whether you’re at home or in the office, whether you cook for your family or offer coffee to your business partners, you should be confident in the quality of water that you’re using.  Here, of course, not only taste is important but also the health of your employees or your family, and many have opted for the convenience and security of bottled water delivery services. Coolers and dispensers that are easy to use and maintain only add to the convenience.

When making a choice of water delivery for your home or office, experts recommend choosing a naturally occurring water extracted from sources in ecologically clean regions that have undergone several levels of gentle filtration. Products that fit this profile include TM Alaska (Ukraine) and TM Bakuriani (Georgia), waters that retain their natural structure and optimal mineral composition. These waters contain all required minerals and trace elements and are perfect for daily use in cooking, brewing tea or coffee, and as drinking water.

The secure delivery of high-quality water to your office is a guarantee of both taste and performance. Proper hydration has been definitively linked to employee productivity, whereas dehydration leads to a decrease in employee performance, fatigue, and a reduced ability to concentrate, a condition which in industrial settings can result in increased risk of accidents. Clean, available water in sufficient quantities is essential to any highly performing workforce.