Water for pleasure


Life is meant to be lived to the full – composed of moments to be savored in time and relived in memory.  Water, fresh and clean, keeps our memories clear and our every moment vital.

Water certainly quenches our thirst like nothing else. But it is also effective in enhancing our best moments. The time we spend with loved ones. The places we travel. The new opportunities we set out to explore. Our hopes, our dreams, our accomplishments, our rewards at the end of a worthy effort. Our memories. This is the singular power of water.

And it is this power of water, legendary as a force that can move mountains, that we need to give direction to our will and inform our courage. To take the first terrifying steps toward our dreams. To seek out new horizons. To share what we have experienced. To find our second wind and joy in the process of discovery and hope for a beneficial result.

This is the potential in Borjomi. Born in the depths of a volcano, this is a mineral water possessed of a centuries-old power. Its unique mineral composition imparts the strength for new enterprise and the inspiration for bold action born of a refreshed spirit. The singularly delightful taste of Borjomi will assist in the shaping of our lives and in the unfading memories that accompany every sip.